Port of Melbourne Enhancement Program

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The Port of Melbourne (PoM), in collaboration with the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA), is inviting industry players to join hands in their Port Capacity Enhancement Program (PCEP).

So, what’s the buzz about the PCEP? Well, it’s a significant infrastructure initiative focused on building a Webb Dock North container terminal and ensuring a solid foundation for the long-term prosperity of Tasmanian trades. As part of their commitment to stewardship, PoM is taking proactive measures to ensure that the port’s capacity aligns with the future needs of Victoria’s thriving economy.

This journey began in September 2022, when PoM initiated a feedback collection process on three key technical reports: Port Capacity, Ship Fleet, and Trade Demand. These reports, once finalised, will play a pivotal role in shaping the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of the PCEP.

Since September 2022, an extensive engagement program has been in motion, gathering valuable feedback from stakeholders. This input has been instrumental in refining the technical reports and ensuring they accurately represent the needs and expectations of the industry.

In May 2023, PoM collaborated with Deloitte, a team of subject matter experts, to produce a fresh Trade Demand forecast. This step ensures consistency with other regulatory processes that PoM operates under. The insights from this forecast, along with the Q2 2023 Vessel Order Book, have contributed to an updated version of the Ship Fleet Forecast.

Excitingly, PoM is now reaching out to the industry for feedback on the updated reports, which are conveniently available for review on their website. These include the “Port of Melbourne Future Containership Fleet Analysis, 2023-2050” by GHD (July 2023) and the “Trade Forecasts, Port of Melbourne” by Deloitte (June 2023).

So, if you’re a key player in the shipping and logistics realm, this is your chance to shape the future of Melbourne’s port capacity! Dive into the reports, share your insights, and be a part of the Port Capacity Enhancement Program – because the future of freight management is in your hands!

For more information, visit: Port Capacity Enhancement Program.

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