About Us


For 30 years, our family have been providing freight management services, based around hands-on, personalised service.

Back in 1988 our father Tony Egan was working as a freight forwarder and felt there was something missing from the service offered by the forwarding industry. He had a strong rapport with all his clients but felt he was restricted by the services offered by freight forwarders, and that more could be done to help Australian businesses navigate the complications of importing and exporting.

Tony stepped away from his forwarding job to create Tony Egan International Shipping. His vision for this business was to offer a flexible unique service to each and every client, and develop partnerships and friendships that would last for years to come, and allow him to run a business where he was truly able to help other people. From word of mouth, the business grew and evolved into a larger family business, becoming Team Express Freight Management.

Although Tony passed away too soon, his passion and those friendships still formed the backbone of our company today, and shapes our future. Through our personal care and commitment to each and every client, we honour Tony’s legacy.

Team Express will:

  • Select the right services and regional expertise for each individual shipment
  • Negotiate competitive rates
  • Manage each shipment for you, and always keep you informed
  • Arrange customs clearance for all your shipments
  • Offer discounted express courier rates
Team Express Legacy


We are a family-owned, and operated business. Our long history of unparalleled commitment to partnering with the most reliable carriers and our ability to offer personalised, customised services, has put us at the forefront of Melbourne’s transport sector.


Shelley Orfanellis

Chief Executive Officer

Brent Egan

Operations Manager


At Team Express, we take the stress away from importing and exporting. Providing a single point of contact for your convenience, we negotiate with various forwarders to achieve the best solution for your refreshed outlook on freight management. We understand that coordinating freight is vital, but also a very demanding part of running a business.

As a freight management company, our job is to take care of your freight needs, so you can take care of the more important things. With over 25 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of your international and domestic freight needs. We are now a freight forwarder, but instead, have links to a wide network of forwarders, express couriers, and transport companies. This way we can select the best and most cost-effective services to suit your specific needs, and take care of your freight from pick-up, through to delivery.


To be the global benchmark in customer focused freight and logistics solutions – a trusted, valued and respected partner.





To provide hands-on, personalised service, that goes beyond expectations, every time.

To understand each job uniquely, proactively tracking each shipment at every stage, and using our industry knowledge, and global freight networks, to create the most efficient stress-free freight solutions for our customers.


Communication: We believe service starts with listening to our customers, and asking the right questions.

Care: We see our customers freight, as if it is our own, which means each shipment receives the attention, care, and accountability it needs.

Relationships: Connecting to the people we work for, is an invaluable part of our service; building a rewarding partnership for success – now, and into the future.